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"I believe that God created each one of us for a unique divine purpose on our life journey. My passion is to help people discover their God-given purpose and develop an action plan to pursue and achieve it. I help people create a clear vision for the future, rooted in the Quintessentials of Life, guiding them from where they are to where they desire to be."

~Meredith Kirk, M.A.

Quintessential coaching is a coaching program that offers directional and transformative one-on-one coaching on life essentials.

Life essentials are the foundations in which we all operate on and around. I have developed the ‘Quintessential Life Wheel’ as the example of the very essence of life and living. These essential areas formulate the reason we have been created and why we are here on earth. When we operate with the right perspective in these quintessential areas, we are living life to the fullest, with purpose and joy. I call it the abundant life! Jesus came into this world not only to save us from the death of all sin, but He came to give us this abundant life, He says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10).

Quintessential Coaching guides people from where they are to where God has called them to be. This faith-based approach to coaching helps to identify vision and expands it to build confidence while unlocking potential and learning to take practical steps toward your life destiny and purpose. While counseling deals with overcoming painful, confusing, and troublesome events or challenges from the past, quintessential coaching is proactive - looking ahead. Many times, clients have found that by moving forward through a life obstacle, they have been able to touch on painful or traumatic events through the quintessential coaching process. Although the quintessential method is based on growth and forward thinking, many times this coaching process provides personal healing in many areas of life.

Meredith Kirk Quintessential Life Wheel


How do you know if you are a good candidate for Quintessential Coaching? If you answer YES to any of these statements below, it may be time for quintessential coaching experience.

  • You are or feel stuck in life and are looking for a way to move forward in life, but not sure how.
  • You are in a life transition. Even if it is a positive one, change sometimes requires a re-evaluation or change in perspective for the next season.
  • You are trying to reach a goal, vision, or dream for the future, but just not quite sure what your next step should be.
  • You have lost momentum and motivation. You need help to get back on track and keep you accountable to what you say you value and seek.
  • You feel like God is leading you to that “next thing,” but you need support and clarity as to what it is and how to pursue it.
  • You desire to discover yourself, where are you in your life at this moment.
  • You want to learn how to navigate through ‘The Quintessential Life Wheel”.
  • You want to learn what are you passionate about, what brings you the most joy, and what is your motivation to transform yourself and your life for greater success.
  • You want to identify and articulate your strengths for an empowering and positive manner so that even though doubts, adversity, changes, dilemma, and surprises may come your way, you do not give up on your life purpose and destiny.
  • You want to uncover your blind spots and learn how your behavior styles affect your approach to life, so you can lead a more energetic, balanced, spiritual and healthy lifestyle.
  • You want to achieve your life goals faster by not wasting anymore time.
  • You desire to know God’s Will for your life.
  • You desire truth and a deeper understanding of your needs, wants, desires and what you are looking to accomplish.
  • You desire real change from the inside, gaining a fresh perspective to bring forth your gifts, talents, and strengths to have more inspiration, influence, more impact, and more income.
  • You want to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and negative self-beliefs.
  • You want to gain essential life skills and understand how you can create successful relationships, reduce conflict, improve productivity, and relate and communicate to others better and more effectively.
  • You desire to develop confidence, focus, self-control, productivity, efficiency, critical thinking, making connection and better communication with others and God.


Every individual is uniquely valuable with God-given distinctive giftings, talents, and purpose. We each have an individual fingerprint on earth- a special mark we are to pursue on earth. Meredith uses biblical principles (which have had the greatest success) as a foundation for core values, beliefs, goal setting, problem solving, discovering our purpose, and establishing a life of wholeness and balance encompassing a mind-body-spirit-soul approach. As a quintessential coach, she comes alongside a person seeking the quintessential life, asking questions and formulating options that may have been unnoticed or never considered. Guided by the Holy Spirit and supported with prayer, a person may identify their meaning and life purpose formulated with goals and action steps to strategically move them forward toward their purpose, while learning to release anything holding them back from their God-given destiny.

Whether it is one session to work through a smaller challenge, or a series of one-on-one sessions in person or through videoconferencing, a quintessential session with Meredith will be a powerful and life changing experience.

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