Golf Lessons

1 Hour Golf Lesson

One Hour Golf Lesson. Includes Video Analysis (if needed), customized drills, goal setting, and practice action plan.

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Package of 3 One Hour Lessons

Includes: Video Analysis, Customized Drills, Goal Setting, & Practice Action Plan

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1 Day Golf School

Want to spend an entire day with Meredith? Try her popular One-Day Quintessential Golf Encounter!

Arrive in beautiful Myrtle Beach and meet Meredith at one of Myrtle Beach's premium golf courses. There you will warm-up and have a 1 Hour Golf Lesson on the range. Following the range lesson, you will hit the course to play 9 Holes with Meredith. This is where you will see beneficial changes in your game! This 1-1 encounter is a game changer because Meredith will walk you through golf's most important fundamentals, teach you have to nagivate the course, show you how to select the proper club for your shot, and how to overcome poor shots and move on mentally! After your round, enjoy a delicious lunch with Meredith as she reviews the day and creates a golf goal plan that will help keep your golf game on track when you return home. Meredith has taught students from all over the world with her One-Day Golf Encounter and many have returned for touch-up lessons.

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Package of 5 One Hour Golf Lessons

Includes video analysis, customized drills, goal setting, and practice rountine schedule

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2 Person Lesson Special

75 Minute Two Person Golf Lesson

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