Golf Teaching Philosophy

Hey Everyone! My name is Meredith Kirk and I am a ‘Quintessential’ LPGA Teaching Professional. My teaching philosophy and methodology consists of the “Quintessentials” of golf that combine both the golfer as an individual (whole) and proper golf swing fundamentals. Quintessential means the purest form or example of something. I believe that sticking to the fundamentals when learning and improving your golf game can cure most issues that may present themselves in the golf swing. Pure and simple is the sweetest approach to learning golf and my approach to teaching the game is the same. Some of my students have told me that my strengths as an instructor are:

  • The ability to teach complex concepts in a simple manner.
  • Help students identify short and long-term goals and implement strategies to achieve them.
  • Encouraging, patient, and positive.
  • The ability to teach students how to self-correct on their own.
  • Utilizing fun drills, games, metaphors, and analogies to enhance understanding of the golf swing during lessons.
  • The ability to make small tweaks in the swing without making a major swing overhaul.
  • Avoiding over-utilization of digital analysis and diagnostic tools to lessen mental stress and body tension thus creating a harmonic and balanced learning environment.

When I first start working with a student, I discover their quintessential uniqueness. I base their individuality as a golfer on ten elements. Here are the areas I observe in a quintessential golfer.

The Quintessential Golfer Wheel

Golf instruction should include all aspects of the game. Every part of the game matters and plays a role in scoring. I implement swing fundamentals, playing strategies, goals, and practice routines in each area of the game to create positive outcomes, lower scores, and an overall understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses in the golf swing. The ‘Quintessential Golf Wheel’ gives a student an idea of the importance of each aspect of the game and how much time and effort will need to be applied to those areas.

The Quintessential Golf Wheel

The quintessentials of pre-swing fundamentals in the golf are paramount to fun and successful golf outcomes. Essentially, most issues in the golf swing present themselves in one or more of these pre-motion fundamental areas.

The Quintessential Pre-Motion Checklist

After I help a student work through the pre-motion checklist, we then get to move on to swing fundamentals and aspects of the game that help promote proper swing techniques based on the individual including the mental and course components of the game.

As the student gains understanding with the ‘Quintessential Swing Routine’, I instruct the student in how everything in the golf swing relates to impact, therefore the quintessentials of the golf swing are relative to that moment. Understanding the importance of impact will highlight the effects of ball flight that are created from that moment. Students will learn the essentials of these components including:

  • Clubface at Impact
  • The path the club is swinging at impact
  • The angle the club is approaching the ball at impact
  • The contact point on the clubface at impact
  • The speed and acceleration the club is swinging at impact

There can be a correct and different swing for each golfer. As an instructor, I do not believe in making comparisons in golf swings. Rarely does someone learn from comparing themselves to others. Every golfer has their own individually they bring to the game and I enjoy bringing out the best in my students in their abilities and creating a fundamental custom ‘template’ for each student’s swing. Ultimately, it is my desire that all my students have fun playing this awesome game and develop the ‘Quintessentials’ that will last a lifetime!