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Adult Golf Lessons

Hey Everyone! My name is Meredith Kirk and I am a ‘Quintessential’ LPGA Teaching Professional. My teaching philosophy and methodology consists of the “Quintessentials” of golf that combine both the golfer as an individual (whole) and proper golf swing fundamentals. Quintessential means the purest form or example of something. I believe that sticking to the fundamentals when learning and improving your golf game can cure most issues that may present themselves in the golf swing. Pure and simple is the sweetest approach to learning golf and my approach to teaching the game is the same. Whether you are a beginner or an elite tournament player, I can help assist you in building a solid swing foundation that will bring you great results, confidence, and consistency.

Ladies and Junior Golf Programs

 We recognize that women are not one size fits all, which is why this Intro to Golf Program—conducted by Women for Women—follows the overall student-centered LPGA Integrated Performance System to guide you through a comprehensive, 6-module, “Welcome to Golf” program for new, or relatively new, female golfers.

Through this LPGA program, you will take your first step in your journey to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf.

  • Putting
    Let’s Get the Ball Rolling
  • Chipping
    Getting the Ball on the Green
  • Pitching
    Getting the Ball in the Air
  • Full Swing
    It’s all about Connection
  • BIG Clubs and Bunker Play
    Empowering Your Game
  • Putting it all Together
    Getting Comfortable On-Course

Meredith also utilizes the LPGA Golf 101 program with beginner junior golfers. Whether it’s a summer camp or 6-week clinic series, Meredith brings in the ‘Quintessentials’ of the game through her mastery of the LPGA Integrated Performance System. Meredith also provides a faith-based component to her instruction (upon request) that ties into her junior golf programs.

Contact Meredith if you would like to schedule an LPGA Golf 101 Clinic or a Thy Club and Thy Staff Junior Clinic/Camp. Meredith can also travel to your course and can condense the program into a two-day format.

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