Hey Everyone! My name is Meredith Kirk and I am a ‘Quintessential’ LPGA Teaching Professional. My teaching philosophy and methodology consists of the “Quintessentials” of golf that combine both the golfer as an individual (whole) and proper golf swing fundamentals. Quintessential means the purest form or example of something. I believe that sticking to the fundamentals when learning and improving your golf game can cure most issues that may present themselves in the golf swing. Pure and simple is the sweetest approach to learning golf and my approach to teaching the game is the same. Whether you are a beginner or an elite tournament player, I can help assist you in building a solid swing foundation that will bring you great results, confidence, and consistency. These are the areas that we may cover in a lesson depending on your swing needs.

·    Putting
·    Video Lessons Available
·    Chipping & Pitching
·    Long & Short Irons
·    Bunkers & Specialty Shots
·    Drivers & Woods
·    Course Management
·    Tournament Preparation & Mental Toughness


1 HOUR LESSON $340 (3)

 1 HOUR LESSON $90 (4)