Welcome to Meredith Kirk Coaching

Discover the Quintessentials of Golf, Life, and Travel


Welcome to Meredith Kirk Coaching. Here you will discover the ‘Quintessentials’ of Golf, Life, and Travel. Quintessential means the purest form or example of something. Meredith has often been called by her clients, ‘The Quintessential Coach’, because of her foundational approach to golf instruction, life, and creating successful goal-oriented outcomes. Her coaching methods are simple, pure, and understandable. Meredith also coaches life essentials through directional and transformative sessions, often helping students and non-golfers meet personal goals on and off the course. She enjoys traveling and teaching around the world and offers the best in golf and adventure travel for ladies’ groups. Whether it’s growing the game of golf, or helping others succeed in their life goals and pursuits, Meredith incorporates the best of golf, life, and travel and has a variety of programs that will suite your individual needs.

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